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Postdoctoral Fellow Position

Postdoctoral Fellow Position
Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory
Department of Social and Decision Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

We are currently seeking applications for a postdoctoral fellow whose work will focus on decisions from experience and network science. The starting date is flexible, but October 1, 2017 is preferred.

If you apply for this position, you will be working on a network science project. Our general goal in this project is to build upon the insights of decisions from experience (DfE) research and expand these insights to network science. In particular, we will focus on investigating the effects of information and incentive structures in network-based choices from experience. We will conduct experimental studies involving more than 2 group members, and we will build new computational models to represent the global effects of team behavior built from individual behavior. Specifically, we will work on: (1) systematic expansions of mechanisms of instance-based learning theory (IBLT) (Gonzalez et al., 2003) through the inclusion of methods known in social dilemmas and network science research; (2) the empirical investigation of the interaction between information, incentives, and network structure on efficient networks and social welfare; and (3) the computational implementation of cognitive models to test new theoretical expansions against experimental data.

Required Qualifications:

  1. A Ph.D. (completed by start of employment) in psychology, economics, decision sciences, computer science, human factors engineering, or any other relevant scientific discipline
  2. Training in behavioral science research methods and statistical analyses
  3. Experience with statistical software (preferably R, others acceptable)
  4. Experience with computational/cognitive modeling (e.g., reinforcement learning, ACT-R models, IBL models)
  5. Demonstrable writing abilities and good communication skills.

Desired Qualifications:

  1. Experience with programming (preferably Python, others acceptable)
  2. Experience with web programming and design
  3. Experience in interdisciplinary research, working in collaborative teams, and managing research assistants


This is a full time research position with full benefits, for one year with the expectation of renewal for additional years conditional on performance and availability of funds.

To Apply:

Please send a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, relevant journal articles, and three letters of reference before September 15, 2017. Please send electronic documents (Word, PDF) to:

The DDMLab is part of the Department of Social and Decision Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, a research paradise. CMU is located Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is one of America’s most livable cities. The city has a strong university presence with over a dozen colleges and campuses and a great cultural scene. Carnegie Mellon is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. For more information on our Equal Employment/Affirmative Action Policy and our Statement of Assurance, go to:

We welcome the participation of undergraduate students in our lab. Here you will gain experience in valuable research techniques, such as developing research tools and designing and running laboratory experiments. The lab also welcomes independent projects pursued in the field of decision making (course credits can be arranged).

Our laboratory welcomes graduate students. As part of the laboratory you will have the opportunity to conduct multidisciplinary research with a dynamic team of researchers. You need to apply to a PhD program at CMU. The PhD programs directly related to our research are:

  1. Behavioral Decision Research (SDS, Heinz, Tepper)
  2. Engineering and Public Policy
  3. Human-Computer Interaction
  4. Psychology

Through combinations of departmental funding, grants, and outside fellowships and scholarships, all students admitted to either program receive full tuition and a living stipend.

If you are interested, please contact Professor Cleotilde Gonzalez for more information about available opportunities. You can contact her via e-mail at, or by phone at (412) 268-6242. Thank you for your interest.