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The Department of Social and Decision Sciences is an interdisciplinary department whose students and faculty are engaged in cutting-edge research that is having a deep impact on several fields, from economics to political science, to environmental and health policy, to homeland security.

We offer three undergraduate majors (all B.S. degrees): Decision Science, Policy and Management, and Political Sciences. Our undergraduate major in decision science is one of the few in the nation.

We offer minors in all three fields; the department also participates in an interdepartmental major in International Relations, and in interdepartmental minors in International Relations and in Sociology. Our graduate program has four fields: Behavioral Decision Research, Organization Science, Technological Change and Industrial Evolution, and Political Psychology and Economy.

The multidisciplinary character of the department provides a unique opportunity for innovative research. Research areas of particular strength within the department include: behavioral decision theory, experimental political science and economics, social network theory, evolutionary and biological theories applied to economics and political science, organization ecology, political psychology, and bureaucratic politics.


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