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Dietrich College research is eclectic and interdisciplinary, yet shares one common quality: excellence in applied research. Our research centers are remarkable for their breadth of work as well as the consistent focus on research as problem solving. This focus on research informs Dietrich College curriculum design across the board, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Dietrich College is at the heart of some of Carnegie Mellon's most thrilling and innovative research. We have developed computer models that can help diagnose brain dysfunction, educational software that has raised student achievement in underperforming school districts, and web-based tools for citizens to deliberate on issues that affect their local communities.

To get an in-depth look at one area of Dietrich College research, check out this brief "Research in Focus" video: Professor Sheldon Cohen discusses his research around the effects that stress has on the body's immune system. We invite you for return visits to see new Research in Focus segments that will spotlight other HSS researchers' work.

Undergraduate students are actively engaged in groundbreaking research. Recent projects include face recognition software, symphonies based on sonic patterns found in star clusters, and the effects of outsourcing on the IT industry.

Carnegie Mellon University supports projects like these through Small Undergraduate Research Grants (SURG). Each year, the university holds the Meeting of the Minds symposium, in which undergraduates display and explain their research. We encourage you to check out the Undergraduate Research Office.

Discover Carnegie Mellon's research in action at Dietrich College.


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