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Rebecca Nugent, associate professor of statistics, won the 2012-13 E.D. Smith Award for Distinguished Teaching and Educational Services. Nominations are now open for the 2013-14 award.

October 2013

Call for Nominations: 2014 E.D. Smith Award for Distinguished Teaching and Educational Service

Dietrich College is accepting nominations for the 2013-2014 Elliott Dunlap Smith Award for Distinguished Teaching and Educational Service. As implied by the title of the award, the leading criterion should be that a nominee shall have achieved distinction as a teacher and educator in the college, and perhaps, more broadly, also in the university, higher education in general, and/or his or her discipline.

Last year's winner of the Smith Award was Rebecca Nugent, associate professor of statistics. Nugent was recognized for establishing a reputation at Carnegie Mellon as a distinguished instructor and caring mentor and for developing and revising several upper-level statistics courses. Read the full story.

Preliminary nominations are due November 4, 2013 and should consist of a letter (2 pages, maximum, signed by at least three faculty, students, or staff), submitted to Joanne Ursenbach, c/o the Dietrich College Dean’s Office, Baker Hall 154.

A more detailed description of the award (plus guidelines for nominators whose candidate is selected as a finalist) can be found at

The complete list of previous winners of the Elliott Dunlap Smith Award for Distinguished Teaching and Educational Service:

2013 Rebecca Nugent, Statistics
2012 Bonnie Youngs, Modern Languages
2011 Sharon Carver, Psychology
2010 Yueming Yu, Modern Languages (2012 University Ryan Award winner)
2009 Kenneth Kotovsky, Psychology
2008 Oded Meyer, Statistics
2007 Larry Heimann, Information Systems Program
2006 Scott Sandage, History
2005 Anne Green, Modern Languages
2004 Susan Polansky, Modern Languages
2003 Silvia Borzutzky, Social and Decision Sciences
2002 Robert Cavalier, Philosophy
2001 Daniel Resnick, History
2000 G. Richard Tucker, Modern Languages (2007 University Doherty Award winner)
1999 Peggy Knapp, English (2003 Ryan Award Winner)
1998 Paul Fischbeck, Social and Decision Sciences (2010 University Ryan Award winner)
1997 James Daniels, English (1999 University Ryan Award winner)
1996 Eugene Levy, History
1995 John Miller, Social and Decision Sciences
1994 Michael West, Modern Languages (1995 University Ryan Award winner)
1993 Richard Young, English
1992 Peter Stearns, History (1995 University Doherty Award winner)
1991 Ann Hayes, English
1990 Margaret Clark, Psychology (1990 University Ryan Award Co-Winner)
1989 Richard Smith, Social and Decision Sciences
1988 Richard Schoenwald, History (1989 University Ryan Award Co-Winner)
1987 Joel Greenhouse, Statistics (1987 University Ryan Award Co-Winner)
1986 Ludwig Schaefer, History (1986 University Ryan Award Co-Winner) 1985 Lois Fowler, English
1984 Steven Klepper, Social and Decision Sciences (1997 University Ryan Award winner)
1983 Preston Covey, Philosophy
1982 Michael Weber, History (1983 University Ryan Award winner)
1981 John Hayes, Psychology
1980 Granville Jones, English (1980 University Ryan Award winner)

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