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Music courses (Category: Creating)
Are you a junior or senior History major who would like more opportunities to pick up the cello you haven’t had time for since you came to Carnegie Mellon? Or maybe you miss the choir you belonged to before neuropsychology became your passion? Then you might consider taking a Music course to fulfill part of your Creating category for the Gen Ed.

Wait--aren't only music majors and minors allowed in those classes? Well, no. According to Sharon Johnston, the Academic Advisor for Music, there are many opportunities for non-music majors to experience instruction in the School of Music:

  1. You can take a course. You will probably be waitlisted, but that does not mean you won't get in. In fact, if you are a junior or senior and register as soon as you can for courses that suit your qualifications, your chances of getting in are pretty good. For Solfege and Harmony courses, there is a placement test designed to make sure you get into a class at the right level for your abilities. You should take this test prior to the semester in which you plan to take the class. The Harmony test assesses your knowledge in basic music theory; the Solfege test does not assume formal training but assesses your ability to hear and differentiate between pitches.
  2. You can sign up for private or small-group lessons with music faculty. These courses carry a fee in addition to your tuition and will vary in cost according to the amount of lesson time. Depending on the time and money you are willing to spend, these can be taken for credit.
  3. You can play in an ensemble or sing in a choir. These opportunities are open by audition and based solely on your ability. Ms. Johnston shared that some of the clarinet section of the current wind ensemble are, in fact, non-Music majors, and significant components of the choirs are as well.
If you are interested, there are two additional sources of information you ought to consult:
  • The university's Online Course Schedule provides information about pre- and co-requisites and the online placement tests.
  • Sharon Johnston, Academic Advisor for the School of Music, CFA 108, 8-2385,



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