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Your first year experience

Welcome to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University! As a first-year student, you can look forward not only to acquiring new knowledge, but also to the exciting challenge of developing new learning skills that build on--and go beyond--those that are commonly emphasized in high school.

You will need to develop the ability to identify alternative ways of interpreting evidence and making arguments, and to become skilled at comparing and assessing different arguments and interpretations. You will also need to develop the capacity to produce well-reasoned analyses of your own.

At the same time, as you move towards focusing on your primary major, you need to work out how to combine this increasing specialization with the cultivation of a broad understanding of the world around you. This kind of intellectual breadth is crucial in equipping you to grow in your chosen profession and to engage thoughtfully and ethically with complex variation and constant changes in the workings of the world. The H&SS General Education Program is the framework within which you will develop your own, individualized plan for that growth and engagement. Advisors in the H&SS Academic Advisory Center and your home departments are a crucial source of help in developing your plans.

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