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The Undergraduate Economics Program is jointly administered by H&SS and the Tepper School of Business. It has been carefully designed to prepare students for careers as economic analysts in either the private or public sector, for advanced professional studies in business, law and public policy, as well as for entry into Ph.D. programs in economics, finance and related fields. To these ends, the program's academic requirements provide a solid understanding of the central ideas of economics, while retaining the flexibility necessary to accommodate students' wide variety of goals and interests.

The H&SS general education requirements provide a broad introduction to the ideas of the humanities, arts, and sciences necessary for putting economic issues in context. The economics core courses provide the solid foundation in the field necessary for all students. Advanced electives provide students the opportunity to customize their course of studies, culminating in the students' exploration of their special interests in their senior projects.

For students who are majors in other departments, the program offers both a second major and a minor in economics. Additionally, qualified students may seek to enter the Tepper School's accelerated master's degree program, which offers the opportunity to earn both a bachelors degree and a Masters of Science in Quantitative Economics in only five years.


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