Jay Roszman

Adjunct Instructor
Ph.D.: Carnegie Mellon University, 2015
Department Member Since: 2015


Jay Roszman is a historian of Modern Britain and Ireland. Jay’s research, at its heart, is interested in exploring questions of power and the relationship between high politics and everyday actions in the British Empire. His dissertation, entitled “’Outrage’ & ‘Justice’: Irish Agrarian Violence and British Governing Policy during the Age of Reform, 1835 to 1841,” highlights the central role Ireland played in shaping British policy, especially politicians’ reforming agenda, and how Irish peasants resisted this imposition of British sovereignty, often violently through so-called “outrages.” It also suggests how Irish agrarian violence elicited concern among politicians of all persuasions because most viewed Ireland as a bellwether for larger imperial developments, and therefore was of the utmost importance to remedy. His dissertation was supported by grants from Carnegie Mellon University, as well as the inaugural Emmet Larkin Dissertation Fellowship granted by the American Conference for Irish Studies. Currently, Jay is working on transforming his dissertation into a manuscript and has two articles under review for publication. In the future, he is interested in exploring Daniel O’Connell’s evolving views on British imperial war and expansion.

Prior to receiving his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in August 2015, Jay lived and studied in Belfast, earning an MA in Irish Studies from Queen’s University Belfast. He holds a BA from Gettysburg College in History and Political Science.


“Ireland as a weapon of warfare: Whigs, Tories, and the problem of Irish Outrage, 1835 to 1839” (currently under review)
“The Genealogy of ‘Outrage’: Irish Agrarian Violence and Britain’s Collective Insecurity, 1641-1841” (currently under review)

Courses Taught

Modern Ireland
The Rise and Fall of the British Empire
Northern Ireland: Past & Present

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