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College of Fine Arts recipients of previous Berkman Faculty Development Grants

2013 - 2014 awardees

Dana Cupkova, Assistant Professor, Architecture
MASS REGIMES: Geometrically Actuated Thermal Flows

Janet Feindel, Professor, Drama
UP and OUT

Nancy Galbraith, Professor, Music
CD Recording of New Music by Nancy Galbraith

John Ito, Assistant Professor, Music
Hierarchical Motor Control in Music Performance: Initial Experiments

Megan Monaghan Rivas, Associate Professor, Drama
Observing Composer-Librettist Studio in NYC

Jon Rubin, Associate Professor, Art
The U.S./Iranian Sitcom

Franco Sciannameo, Associate Teaching Professor, Music
Digitization of Microfilm Music Collection for Research, Performance, and Publishing/Recording

Suzie Silver, Associate Professor, Art
Toadstools and Dragonflies

2012 - 2013 awardees

Wendy Arons, Associate Professor, Drama
The Hamburg Dramaturgy: A New and Complete Translation

Joshua Bard, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Morphfaux: Recovering Plaster as Architectural Substrate

Kim Beck, Associate Professor, Art
ARTIST’s BOOK: A Flock of Signs

Kelly Hutzell, Teaching Professor, Architecture &
Rami A. el Samahy, Assistant Teaching Professor, Architecture
Pittsburgh Projects

Andrew Johnson, Associate Professor, Art

Elaine A. King, Professor, Art
Strange Bedfellows: The Relationship of Post-Modern Art and the Arts Endowment

Cameron Knight, Assistant Professor, Drama
Meisner: From the Page to the Stage

Anthony McKay, Associate Professor, Drama

Ali Momeni, Assistant Professor, Art
Manual to Mobile Urban Projection

Anne Mundell, Professor, Drama

Richard Pell, Associate Professor, Art
The Catalog of PostNatural Organisms

Peter Scupelli, Assistant Professor, Design
Capturing the Elusive Collaborative Multi-function Design Studio Suite

Tina Shackleford, Assistant Teaching Professor, Drama
Stage Management Research

Marilyn Taft Thomas, Professor, Music
Music of Marilyn Taft Thomas

Reza Vali, Associate Professor, Music
Arghonoon Project Phase II

Dylan Vitone, Associate Professor, Design
Doha Project

2011 - 2012 awardees

Charlee Brodsky, Professor, Design
Artist of the Year, 2012; Exhibition at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Dale Clifford, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Environmental Building Technologies - Innovation with Organic Phase Change Materials

Robert Handel, Associate Professor, Drama
Master Class and Research, Bar-Han University, Tel Aviv

2010 - 2011 awardees

Douglas Cooper, Professor, Architecture
Hill Racers

Clayton Merrell, Associate Professor, Art
Atlas of Sublime Disasters

Melissa Ragona, Associate Professor, Art
Readymade Sound: Andy Warhol’s Recording Aesthetics

Lawrence Shea, Associate Professor, Drama
Stereoscopic Video Projections

Suzie Silver, Associate Professor Art
Strange Attractors: Investigations in non‐Humanoid Extraterrestrial Sexualities

Susanne Slavick, Professor, Art
Out of Rubble

Susan Tsu, Professor, Drama
The Prague Quadrennial and Carnegie Mellon

Marianne Weems, Associate Professor, Drama
The Builders Association‐ Performance and Technology for the 21st Century

2009 - 2010

Jon Rubin, Associate Professor, Art
Pittsburgh Artist of the Year Catalog

Reza Vali, Associate Profesor, Music
The Arghonoon Project

2008 - 2009 awardees

Mark Baskinger, Assistant Professor, Design
Transducing Music

Robert Bingham, Professor, Art
One Mile Garden, Phase II

Dale Clifford, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Bio Logic-Responsive Building Systems

Byron Easley, Dance Lecturer, Acting
Broadway Styles Choreography Collection

Pablo Garcia, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Catoptric Cistulae

Kai Gutschow, Associate Professor, Architecture
Publishing "Inventing Expressionism"

Richard Randall, Assistant Professor, Music
Representing Non-verbal Semantic Sound Processing in the Brain

Diane Shaw, Associate Professor, Architecture
Maya Field Workshop

2007 - 2008 awardees

Kim Beck, Associate Professor, Art
The Space Program: Drawing and the Artist Book

Michael Chemers, Assistant Professor, Drama
RITC Artist-Scholar Residency

Nancy Galbraith, Professor, Music
CD Recording of New Chamber Music by Nancy Galbraith

Suzie Silver, Associate Professor, Art
AV Lodge Presents: Fruit Machine

Marilyn Taft Thomas, Professor, Music
Seasons Within

Reza Mahmood Vali, Associate Professor, Music
Arghonoon Project

2006 - 2007 awardees

Charlee Brodsky, Professor, Design
I thought I could fly... Mental States of Being

Lowell Carver, Associate Teaching Professor, Music
Sound Recording

Janet Feindel, Associate Professor, Drama
The Thought Propels the Sound

Matthew Gray, Assistant Professor, Drama
and Jay Ball, Visiting Assistant Professor, Drama
Digital Marionettes

Allen Hahn, Assistant Professor, Drama
NE(s)T International Student Design Collaboration

Golan Levin, Assistant Professor, Art
Eye Contact Systems: Observation as Interaction

Clayton Merrell, Associate Professor, Art
Mining the Transcendental Landscape

Joseph Pino, Assistant Professor, Drama
Sound Digital Exhibit and Laptop Connections Project at the Prague Quadrennial

Melissa Ragona, Assistant Professor, Art
Readymade Sound: Andy Warhol's Recording Aesthetics

Jon Rubin, Assistant Professor, Art

2005 - 2006 awardees

Kim Beck, Assistant Professor, Art
The Transitional City: Artistic Practice in Belgrade and Pittsburgh

Lowry Burgess, Professor, Art & STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
Gravity Pulse

Joseph Mannino, Professor, Art
Of Clouds and Steel

Kaf Warman, Associate Teaching Professor, Drama
Artist in Residence, European Graduate School (EGS) Switzerland

2004 - 2005 awardees

Eric Anderson, Associate Professor, Design
Visualization Across Disciplines

Charlee Brodsky, Professor, Design
Street: a book of photographs by Charlee Brodsky and poems by Jim Daniels

Lowry Burgess, Professor, Art
Two Long Term International Projects: Space Art and the Toronto Manifesto

Stacie Rohrbach, Assistant Professor, Design
The Educational Value of Communicating Abstract Information Concretely via Visual, Temporal, and Aural Forms of Representation in the Context of Digital Environments

2003 - 2004 awardees

Bob Bingham, Associate Professor, Art
Prototype for Sustainable History Interactive Project

Karl Brake, Lecturer, Drama
The Stone Bower Exhibition

Pamela Jennings, Assistant Professor, Art & HCII
Constructed Narratives Project: The Stone Bower Exhibition

Reza Vali, Associate Professor, Music
The "Arghonoon" Project: Computer Based Persian Keyboard

Past awards highlights


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